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Casio SK-2100 49-Key Sampling Keyboard

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Tested and working. This mixer was pulled from a working environment. Please look at all pictures before purchasing; only what is included in pictures is included in sale.

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From Casio:

Main Features of the SK-2100


The SK-2100 features a sampling function, which allows you to "capture" virtually any audible sound and incorporate it in your music. Sounds are "sampled" via a detachable built-in microphone, and are played back via sampling pads. They can also be triggered via keys on the keyboard, at corresponding pitches, and can even be used to create polyphonic chords! What's more sampled sounds can be patched through LOOP and REVERSE effects, or incorporated into rhythm patterns.

Multichannel Memory:

The SK-2100's MULTI-CHANNEL MEMORY function allows you to create entire songs, including melody and backing chord patterns. These are held in memory along with the selected rhythm pattern. Two different melodies may be played to memory - MELODY 1 and MELODY 2. These can be up to 2024 or 1024 steps in length, respectively, and up to 159 chord changes may be programmed as well.

Pattern Memory:

The PATTERN MEMORY function allows programing of two 2-bar patterns and two 1-bar fill-ins, including bass, rhythm, chord and sampling sounds. Create your own accompaniment patterns and play along! In addition, you can change the basic rhythm of your original patterns by selecting any of the Auto-Rhythms.

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