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  • Behringer Eurodesk MX3282A 32-Channel 8-Bus Mixer

    Behringer Eurodesk MX3282A 32-Channel 8-Bus Mixer


    Mixer is in mint condition. Fully functional. No blemishes. It comes with a robust Behringer travel case.

    From the internet:

     "...Behringer's Eurodesk MX3282, a straight‑ahead, no‑nonsense, 32‑input desk with a clear and stylish layout. Not only is the desk capable of 8‑track recording — or more, given a flexible patchbay — but it's also pretty compact for the facilities on offer. Behringer are aiming the MX3282 at both live and studio markets, and although there are only a few dedicated live features — up to four pre‑fade aux sends are available, and a handy 75Hz low‑cut filter can help cut out stage rumble, for example — the desk should prove suitable for a wide range of applications. It might also be just about compact enough for a group to use both in the studio and on the road, especially if said band is interested in getting flexible multitrack recordings of their live work. In the studio, you'll welcome the low‑noise balanced mic preamps (with a claimed bandwidth of 5‑100Hz), the flexible solo system (Pre‑Fade Listen or Solo‑In‑Place are available), the built‑in talkback and the generous eight auxiliary sends.

    When it comes to giving compact mixers the maximum number of inputs, the in‑line design rules; channel strips provide both input and monitor signal paths, with the monitor section magically providing extra inputs at mixdown, effectively doubling the total. Surprisingly, the MX3282 doesn't take this approach, being more of a traditional split console, with the inputs and outputs (subgroups, monitor and master fader) fully separate. And though an in‑line console design wins out in the number of inputs at mixdown, the split MX3282 still manages a creditable 32 inputs (plus four stereo aux returns). Where in‑line desks often compromise by sharing EQ and aux sends between input and monitor signal paths, each input on a split desk such as the MX3282 has the advantage of access to all EQ and aux sends.

    A split desk also offers simplicity of monitoring, since the signal path is easily followed: input signals are routed to multitrack tape (or hard disk) via the subgroups, and the returns from your recorder are routed to input channels. I evaluated the MX3282 with an analogue 8‑track recorder, and routed the eight tape outs (or seven, when using track 8 for a sync code) to mixer inputs 1‑8. During the course of a session, what was my monitor mix almost seamlessly became the final mix, with no repatching."

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