RCA 6L6GC Black Plate



Close Matched Sets of Two Available. We are woking on offering sets of 4. Reach out if you would like a set of 4 before buying!

At Fuzz Audio:

·      All tubes are tested on a calibrated Hickok 539b & Western Electric KS-16650-L1 Tube Testers.

·      30 Day Money Back Guarantee

·       All power and preamp are tubes tested for Mutual Conductance (Gm)

·      Do not buy power or  preamp tubes that have been tested solely on an emissions tester or “tube checker”- this is an inadequate test.



StRCA 6L6GC Black Plate NOS Tubes Fuzz Audio


Employee Precautions:

-       All products are package with freshly clean hands (we use gloves occasionally but do now want to contribute to protective gear shortages).

-       All packages arriving are placed aside and opened 24 hours later. Employees must wash hands immediately after opening their contents. 

-       Every Surface cleaned twice daily. (Door knobs and faucet handles cleaned every 2 hours.

Customer Precautions:

-       We ensure the contents of your package are COVID free. 

-       However, please leave package for 24 hours before opening or wipe down outside of package with disinfectant. 


Fuzz Audio will be offering a “discount bin” of used tubes (test NOS) for those who need tubes on a tight budget. 

We will also release a set of premium tubes with 15% donated to COVID 19 relief funds as things continue to become more dire. 

Please continue to support your neighbors, friends, family and local business through these crazy times. 

Thank you and be well, 

Fuzz Audio

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