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2 Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7GT/VT-229 | NOS Matched Pair

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2 Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7GT/VT-229 Black Plate Vacuum Tubes

Discover the pinnacle of audio enhancement with the Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7GT/VT-229 black plate, a vacuum tube renowned for its unparalleled sound fidelity and robust performance. Designed under rigorous military standards, this tube is the perfect choice for audiophiles, professional musicians, and high-fidelity audio enthusiasts seeking to elevate their sound systems to the highest level of audio reproduction.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Audio Fidelity: Enjoy an enriched audio experience with unmatched clarity, depth, and warmth, ideal for all genres of music and audio applications.
  • Military-Grade Reliability: Manufactured to Joint Army-Navy (JAN) specifications, ensuring superior durability and consistent performance under demanding conditions.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a broad range of audio equipment, including high-end tube amplifiers, hi-fi stereo systems, and professional audio gear.
  • Vintage Warmth and Depth: Brings a classic, warm tube sound to modern audio systems, enhancing the listening experience with rich, detailed bass and smooth highs.
  • Premium Construction: Features a robust glass envelope and high-quality internal components, designed for longevity and sustained high performance.


  • Type: High-mu dual triode
  • Base Type: Octal (8-pin)
  • Filament Voltage: 6.3V
  • Filament Current: 300mA
  • Maximum Plate Voltage: 250V
  • Amplification Factor: 70


  • High-End Tube Amplifiers
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Systems
  • Professional Studio Equipment
  • Audio Equipment Restoration and Upgrades

Customer Reviews

Users consistently praise the Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7GT/VT-229 for its ability to dramatically improve audio quality, highlighting its superior warmth, depth, and reliability. Its performance in both vintage and modern audio systems has made it a favorite among enthusiasts seeking the best in sound reproduction.


The Sylvania JAN CHS 6SL7GT/VT-229 represents the gold standard in vacuum tubes for audio applications, offering unmatched audio fidelity, military-grade reliability, and versatile application across a wide range of audio equipment. Whether upgrading your tube amplifier, enhancing a hi-fi system, or restoring vintage audio gear, the 6SL7GT/VT-229 stands out as a superior choice for achieving the ultimate audio experience.

Need help deciding what tubes are best for you?

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NOS vs. ANOS vs. Test NOS

These designations are strictly used to describe the cosmetic condition of our tubes. All tubes we sell test identically, come with 100% life and are guaranteed to work in your device!

If you are picky about owning an original box or wanting a specific logo please reach out to us before purchasing.

  1. NOS (New Old Stock) Tubes- are 100% brand new vintage tubes in mint cosmetic condition with show zero signs of use. You should expect a legible logo and clean straight pins. An original box is likely but not guaranteed. 
  1. ANOS Tubes- otherwise known as “almost new old stock” tubes are basically new, but may show slight signs of use in cosmetic condition, such as a missing logo or slightly bent pins. An original box is possible but unlikely. 
  1. Test NOS Tubes- are used but still operating to specification with 100% life. These tubes are equal in function to NOS valves, yet they cost considerably less because they have cosmetic blemishes. If you plan to disappear your tubes into the back of an amplifier or do not care what the tubes look like, then this is cost effective choice. Blemishes and cosmetic imperfections do not affect tone…

Logos: Vintage tubes have a wide variety of logos printed on them. It is not uncommon to see a Mullard made tube with an RCA or GE logo, or a GE made tube with a Mullard logo. Your tube may come with a logo such are Heath Kit, Baldwin, Fisher, Hammond, Magnavox, Fender, Gibson, Silvertone, etc. but the true manufacturer of that tube will be correct to your order. If you are looking for a specific logo please reach out before purchase.

Our Standards:

  • All tubes are tested for microphonics and are guaranteed to work in sensitive audio applications
  • All tubes sold are guaranteed to have strong (to spec) NOS test scores with 100% life
  • All tubes are tested on a calibrated Hickok 539C, Maxi-Matcher, E-Tracer or other industry standard tube analyzers
  • Tubes are guaranteed for one year and can be returned within 30 days
  • Preamp tubes matched by gain and mutual conductance (Gm)
  • Power tubes matched by mA and Gm

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