Chris Conery Classical Guitar #3 2008

This guitar is in excellent condition and sounds as good as it looks!

About Chris Conery Classical Guitars:

"The first impression you get from having a Chris Conery guitar in your hands is the overwhelming sense that you’re holding a masterful piece of craftsmanship: elegant, restrained and with a highly refined, tasteful finish.

 The second impression is the penetrating projection of the high notes: clear, transparent (diaphanous) and sparkling in all ranges, even in the highest positions, where few guitars achieve a sound that is so solid, sustained and bright.

The bass notes are a perfect complement to the higher pitches, with a sound that is noble, has presence, and is very rich and deep; together, they result in a guitar with balance, separation of voices and colors, and a volume that is majestic without any clashing overtones."

- Alfredo Muro, Concert Guitarist

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