Philco/Sylvania 6SL7GT NOS NIB

Sylvania/Philco 6SL7GT Black Plate Vacuum Tube

Philco label but tube is made by Sylvania

Elevate Your Sound with Classic Excellence

Discover the Sylvania 6SL7GT Black Plate vacuum tube, a pinnacle of vintage audio engineering renowned for its superior sound quality and reliability. This classic tube is celebrated for its rich, detailed audio reproduction, making it a favorite among audiophiles, musicians, and audio professionals seeking to enhance their sound systems with the warmth and depth characteristic of vintage tubes.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Sound Quality: Delivers a lush, warm audio output, providing depth and clarity to your music, enhancing the listening experience with its characteristic vintage warmth.
  • Durable Black Plate Design: Known for its robust black plates, this tube offers enhanced durability and stability, contributing to its exceptional sound quality and reliability.
  • Versatile Audio Solution: Ideal for a wide array of applications, including high-end audio amplifiers, hi-fi systems, guitar amps, and vintage audio equipment restoration projects.
  • Renowned Manufacturer: As a product of Sylvania, a leader in vacuum tube manufacturing, this tube is backed by a legacy of excellence in audio component production.
  • Timeless Vintage Appeal: The black plate design not only signifies quality but also adds a touch of historical elegance to your audio setup, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts alike.


  • Type: Dual Triode
  • Base: Octal (8-pin)
  • Filament Voltage: 6.3V
  • Maximum Plate Voltage: 250V
  • Amplification Factor: 70

Ideal For:

  • Audiophiles looking to capture the essence of vintage audio in their listening experience.
  • Musicians and audio engineers aiming for a rich, warm sound in their recordings or live performances.
  • Collectors and vintage audio enthusiasts desiring high-quality, reliable tubes with aesthetic appeal.
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