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  • USA 5751 Collection (GE, Sylvania, RCA)


    Introducing Our Legendary USA 5751 Collection: Premium Vintage Vacuum Tubes 

    The USA 5751 Collection is a treasure trove of iconic vacuum tubes that have shaped the sound of guitar amplifiers for decades. This collection includes the GE Grey and Black Plate 5751, RCA Black Plate 5751, and Sylvania Grey and Black Plate 5751. Each of these NOS tubes (New Old Stock) is a piece of history, revered for their superior sound quality and reliability. Let's delve into what makes each of these tubes so special and why they are the preferred choice for vintage amp enthusiasts.

    Lower Gain, Higher Potential

    One of the key characteristics that set the 5751 tubes apart from their counterparts, like the 12AX7, is their lower gain. The 5751 tubes typically have a gain factor of around 70 compared to the 12AX7's 100. This difference in gain can have a significant impact on your guitar amp's performance. The lower gain of the 5751 allows for a smoother, more controlled breakup and overdrive, which can enhance the tonal range and depth of your amp. It also provides more headroom, meaning you can achieve cleaner tones at higher volumes and a more nuanced overdrive when you push the amp harder. In essence, the lower gain of the 5751 will take your amp places you didn't know it could go, offering new levels of versatility and expressiveness.

    GE Grey and Black Plate 5751

    The GE 5751 tubes are renowned for their exceptional build quality and balanced tonal characteristics. The Grey Plate 5751 is known for its smooth midrange and clear highs, making it a favorite for guitar amps that require a smooth, warm, clean and articulate sound. On the other hand, the Black Plate 5751 is celebrated for its warmth and depth, providing a richer, more dynamic tone that is perfect for blues and rock.

    RCA Black Plate 5751

    The RCA Black Plate 5751 is a legendary tube that has been a staple in the guitar amp community for decades. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance. This tube is particularly famous for its rich, full-bodied sound and its ability to produce lush overtones. It excels in Fender amps, providing a creamy, smooth distortion that is highly sought after by vintage amp enthusiasts.

    Sylvania Grey and Black Plate 5751

    Sylvania's 5751 tubes are distinguished by their versatility and tonal clarity. The Grey Plate 5751 is perfect for those seeking a detailed and transparent sound, making it ideal for jazz and clean guitar tones. The Black Plate 5751, meanwhile, offers a slightly darker, more aggressive tone, which is perfect for rock and heavier genres. Sylvania tubes are known for their durability and consistent performance, making them a reliable choice for any tube amp.

    The Stevie Ray Vaughan Connection

    One of the most iconic users of the 5751 tubes was none other than Stevie Ray Vaughan. Known for his incredible tone and powerful playing, Vaughan often used 5751 tubes in his Fender amps. The lower gain of the 5751 compared to the 12AX7 allowed Vaughan to achieve a more controlled, expressive sound, contributing to his legendary status. His use of these vintage vacuum tubes cemented their reputation as essential components for achieving a timeless, classic guitar tone.

    Why Vintage 5751 Tubes Sound Better

    Modern tubes often lack the craftsmanship and quality of materials found in vintage tubes. The meticulous construction and high standards of the past result in a more reliable and better-sounding product. The NOS 5751 tubes in the USA 5751 Collection offer superior harmonic richness, clarity, and warmth that modern tubes simply cannot replicate. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their vintage amp, tube amp, Fender amp, or guitar amp with the best in vintage vacuum tube technology.

    Key Features

    • Superior Sound Quality: Enhanced harmonic richness and tonal clarity.
    • Historical Significance: Used by legendary musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan.
    • Reliable Performance: Built to last with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
    • Versatile Applications: Any guitar amp that uses a 12AX7 can have a 5751 safely installed. The lower gain of the 5751 will take your amp places you didn't know it could go. 

    Upgrade your amp tubes with the USA 5751 Collection and experience the unmatched sound quality of vintage vacuum tubes. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a vintage amp aficionado, these 5751 tubes will elevate your sound to new heights. Don't settle for modern imitations—invest in the best with our NOS tubes and rediscover the magic of classic tube tone.

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